Equine bodywork is suitable for all horses but particularly those showing any of the following conditions:


  • Problems with the horse's gait, not tracking up, stiffness to one side

  • Cold backed, resisting work, reluctance to canter on one rein

  • Bucking 

  • Headshy or head shaking

  • Tendon injury or ligament damage

  • Muscle atrophy (wastage) or uneven muscling

  • Hoof abcess

  • Spavins

  • Kissing spine

  • Reduced level of performance or inability to bend

  • Tail swishing or holding it to one side



Session Duration

An equine bodywork session normally takes about 1 hour 20 minutes. A standard saddle fit assessment normally forms part of an equine bodywork session.



There is usually an immediate, notable improvement in the horse's condition after a single session, such as an increased range of motion, improved conformation or a shine to their coat due to increased bloodflow.



This will depend upon the horse's condition, but the best results are normally achieved after 2 or 3 sessions, 3 weeks apart.


Competition Horses

A horse can be treated the week of a competition providing it is already on a maintenance schedule. Pre and Post Competition sessions can also be arranged at the competition venue.


Consultations are a fixed rate and last up to 1.5 hours

Travel expenses may apply

Please enquire for price



“I really felt a difference in the canter, felt like he was able to "sit" a lot more, so I had a feeling of him lowering his hips under him which I dont normally get. ...for the first time I felt him use his hindquarters..” 

"Today I walked my horse in hand as recommended, but he started to trot and I tried to calm and then to step back. But then he trotted again and then I was fascinated with him ... his feet lifted and advanced like I had never seen. I was delighted ... thank you Karen" 

“My horses are much more responsive to the aids after Karen has worked on them, and much more willing to do what I ask of them.”

“You're giving him his life back, Karen! Unbelievable good job!!!”

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