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Osteopathy is suitable for all horses and dogs, and recommended twice per year for health maintenance.  It is particularly suitable for horses showing any of the following:


  • Problems with the horse's gait, disunited canter, not tracking up, stiffness

  • Objection to girthing, resisting work, reluctance to canter on one rein

  • Bucking, cold backed, nervousness, anxiety

  • Headshy, head shaking, allergies, ear sensitivity

  • Tendon or ligament injury from repetitive strain

  • Muscle atrophy (wastage) or uneven muscling

  • Hoof abscess, mud fever, thrush

  • Spavins

  • Kissing spine

  • Reduced level of performance or inability to bend

  • Tail swishing, holding the tail to one side





“I really felt a difference in the canter, felt like he was able to "sit" a lot more, so I had a feeling of him lowering his hips under him which I dont normally get. ...for the first time I felt him use his hindquarters..” 

Session Duration

Equine osteopathy approx 1.5 hours

Canine osteopathy approx 1 hour


There is usually an immediate, notable improvement in the horse's condition after a single session, such as an increased range of motion or improved conformation. Longer term results may include improvements in immunity, overall health, mobility, condition and weight gain for underweight horses or dogs.



This will depend on condition. Best results are normally achieved after 2 or 3 sessions, 3 weeks apart.


Competition Horses

A horse can be treated the week of a competition providing it is already on a maintenance schedule. Pre and Post Competition sessions can also be arranged at the competition venue.

Prices for continental Portugal

Horses: 130 Euros initial/95 Euros follow up 

Dogs: 80 Euros initial/60 Euros follow up

Travel expenses may apply

Please enquire for international prices

"Today I walked my horse in hand as recommended, but he started to trot and I tried to calm and then to step back. But then he trotted again and then I was fascinated with him ... his feet lifted and advanced like I had never seen. I was delighted ... thank you Karen" 

“My horses are much more responsive to the aids after Karen has worked on them, and much more willing to do what I ask of them.”

“You're giving him his life back, Karen! Unbelievable good job!!!”

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