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Canine Osteopathy

Whether your dog is a family pet, working or agility dog, Karen is able to help your dog reach their optimum level of health, having completed the post graduate course in Canine Osteopathy at the Vluggen Institute in Germany.  

Canine Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on scientific research to improve overall function, and to restore mobility and natural balance of the body.  Gentle techniques are used to remove restrictions from the joints, muscles, and especially the organs, in order to improve the dog's structural, functional and physiological wellbeing.  It helps restore neurology and blood flow to the whole body, in addition to removing any blockages in joints, muscles and organs.  Unlike Equine Osteopathy, the dog's abdomen is much softer to palpate, making it possible to isolate and mobilize individual structures (organs, blood vessels, sphincters and ligaments) to help restore organ function.

In addition to having a preventative effect when used as a maintenance treatment, Canine Osteopathy is particularly helpful for:

  • Stiffness, lameness or arthritis

  • Pain or discomfort following an accident or trauma

  • Jaw restrictions

  • Mobility after dental or other surgery e.g. castration/spaying

  • Performance issues with agility dogs 

  • Digestive or metabolic issues

  • Breed related problems

  • Reproduction issues

  • Skin health



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