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Elton is a 14hh BWP. He started bucking and bolting in his lesson and the rider couldn't control him. This is a typical pain reaction when a horse has developed an osteopathic restriction. After just one Equine Osteopathy session he was back jumping again within a few days.  


Facial Paralysis

Dixie suffered sudden facial paralysis affecting the left side of her face. The cause was idiopathic (unknown), although it is usually  viral or a result of a head trauma. These photos were taken after she had been discharged from the veterinary hospital, where she had spent a month being x-rayed and analysed. 

Laser acupuncture, red light therapy, craniosacral and mobilization techniques were used to aid her recovery. There were noticeable improvements during and following each session.  

 Before ...

Left ear drooping

Ulceration and swelling around left eye

After ...

.... the eye healed, the ears became more level and she was able to eat without dropping food

Rehabilitation from chronic lameness

Even the older horse with chronic lameness can be improved given the right therapy and exercise. Here are 2 photos 6 months apart.  In the first photo the horse is clearly uncomfortable with an inverted posture and small steps. In the second photo he is able to lower his head, use his topline and track up.     

Head Shakers

Head shaking in horses is becoming increasingly common. It is due to restrictions in the craniosacral system, often brought on by pain or a visceral dysfunction.  Equine osteopathy can improve this condition, and when combined with craniosacral therapy can usually resolve it completely within just a few sessions. 


 Before equine bodywork ...

After ...

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